Fondamenti di Relatività Ristretta View larger

Fondamenti di Relatività Ristretta

ISBN: 88-95706-02-3

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Author: Gaetano Caricato - Giuseppe Duse
Pages: X + 222

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The text contains a careful exposition of the fundamentals of relativity (or Special). It is meant to be used in the laboratories of High Energy Physics; It is also sufficient for other applications: atomic clocks, relativistic rocket, nuclear fission and fusion.  

The widespread growth of the dynamics of continuous systems, in particular the matter disintegrated, the non-viscous fluids and netoniani viscous fluids, allows an approach to the cosmological problems.


Gaetano Caricato Professor of Theoretical Mechanics at the Sapienza University of Rome studies, currently out of the role, is the author of extensive research in the mathematical theory of elasticity and the theory of gravitation Einstein, published in Italian and foreign magazines fisicomatematiche. He drafted the voice Relativity in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Italian and Tensor voices and Tensor Calculus, General Relativity and Relativistic Theories Unitarie for Universal Lexicon Italian Institute of the Italian. He is a member of several scientific societies including the Italian Mathematical Union (of which he is a founding member), the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, the American Mathematical Society, the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation.

Giuseppe Duse adjunct professor at La Sapienza, University of Rome studies, owns the course of Mathematics for students of the Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology Faculty of Pharmacy. He has done extensive studies in the field of dynamical systems and mathematical theory of elasticity.