Lezioni di cinetica chimica sperimentale e interpretativa View larger

Lezioni di cinetica chimica sperimentale e interpretativa

ISBN: 978-88-95706-15-3

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Author: Rinaldo Cervellati
Pages: X + 136

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This manual collects, with some expansion, the texts of Chemical Kinetics lessons the author plays, dall'a.a. 1992/93, in the teaching of Physical Chemistry for the degree course in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology (CTF) at the University of Bologna. This teaching does not provide, Unfortunately, practical laboratory work. The chemical kinetics, however, is a purely science experimental. In fact, the contrary of thermodynamics which provides tools and mathematical functions through which determine whether, under given conditions, a chemical system evolve spontaneously in one direction or in the opposite direction and calculate with good approximation the equilibrium constants and other variables physico-chemical, into kinetic nothing is predictable: to derive the velocity equations and propose mechanisms of reaction is required for a quote long and laborious laboratory work. Also the results that are obtained and the mechanisms proposed are valid within certain intervals of the characteristic of a given reaction parameters: temperature, concentrations, ionic strength. Just because the course of Physical Chemistry for CTF does not include laboratory work is difficult to make the students understand the experimental nature of chemical kinetics. In this book the author tries to compensate, at least in part, this deficiency through practical examples developed in detail using experimental data available in the literature, ragionandoli and treating it like a cinetista. The manual includes 12 chapters: in the first 6 are illustrated the basic concepts, the experimental methods by which it leads to the speed equations and the dependence of kinetic constants the temperature and the ionic strength. The Chapters 7 and 8 deal with the kinetic mechanisms, introduced through the experimental identification of reaction intermediates, and their analysis. Chapter 9 is a brief introduction to monomolecular reactions and 10 exposes the basics of catalysis in homogeneous phase. Chapter 11 discusses the kinetics of oscillating chemical reactions in which the concentrations of the intermediates and of the catalysts vary periodically in time. Concludes the manual chapter (12) in which are proposed exercises and problems with answers.

Rinaldo Cervellati graduated in Chemistry at the University of Bologna and since 1985 he is Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at the same university. Since 1992 teacher of Physical Chemistry for the degree course in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology Faculty of Pharmacy. She researches in spectroscopy and molecular chemistry education. Since 1990 he has started a research program on the kinetics of oscillating chemical reactions and their applications for the determination of the antioxidant activity of natural and synthetic. He is the author of about 200 scientific papers published in international and national journals and monographs of five scientific-educational nature. In 1984 he received the "Award Prof. Arturo Miolati ", intended for the V edition, the teaching of chemistry.