Lezioni di Meccanica Razionale (COFANETTO COMPLETO) View larger

Lezioni di Meccanica Razionale (COFANETTO COMPLETO)

ISBN: 978-88-95706-33-7

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Author: T. Levi Civita -- U. Amaldi
Pages: 1840

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Three volume cased Edition

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A new edition of the celebrated "Lezioni di Meccanica Razionale" by T. Levi-Civita and U. Amaldi has now been published. The original manuscript has been reedited by using LaTeX and, thanks to the consequent reduction of the number of pages, the two parts of the second volume have been unified in a single book.

In the original Preface to the first volume the authors announced the content of the second one referring also to the Continuum Mechanics. But in the Preface to the second volume they postponed this topic to a third one that has never been published. The authors, on the other hand, published five chapters about  Continuum Mechanics in their  "Compendio". We have then decided to include these chapters in this edition of the "Lezioni di Meccanica Razionale" in the first part of the third volume.

In the second part of such a new volume we have collected original contributions by some Italian scientists aimed to focus on some historical aspects of the topics already present in the "Lezioni di Meccanica Razionale" and on some important topics which are either missing in the original manuscript or have been developed after its publication. Those new and original chapters have been ordered following the same  scheme adopted by the authors in the original book.

Contributions by:

U.I. Amaldi, S. Benenti, G. Benettin, P. Benvenuti, P. G. Bordoni,
E.N.M. Cirillo, F. Cardin, L. Dell'Aglio, F. Fassò, G. Gallavotti,
G. Gorni, M. Guzzo, C. Marchioro, G. Maschio, S. Rionero, T. Ruggeri,
G. Saccomandi, A. Sinopoli, G. ZampieriSalva