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Edizioni Critiche - Guida alla composizione con il proprio computer

ISBN: 978-88-95706-25-2

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Autore: J. Leal -- G. Pignalberi

Pages: XVI + 160

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The drafting of a critical edition is a long task and the source of many controls. Automate as much as possible the operations allows a considerable saving in the number of checks to be carried. A philologist and a computer guide the reader towards the goal automation.
This manual is intended primarily to philologists and classical Greek scholars and teaches how to use XeLaTeX, a powerful language letterpress typesetting, to format easily the critical editions unexceptionable from the printing point of view and the consistency of the numbering of the text and apparatus. The authors report their experience in the use of the program by explaining the many real cases and show the power and versatility of language highlighting precisely the automatic numbering and reference.
All used programs are free, and free and their reliability is attested by over thirty years of continuous development and by a worldwide community of tens of thousands of users including university teachers and students, publishers, professionals, amateurs, public bodies and private.  


Jerónimo Leal, born in Madrid in 1961, is a professor of the History of Ancient Church and Patrology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and director of the Department of Church History.
He also works as a visiting professor Augustinianum Patristic Institute in Rome. He is the author of the book Actas latinas de martires africanos (Ciudad Nueva, Patristicas Fuentes, Madrid 2009), and several articles for the magazine ArsTEXnica. Since 2004, annually organizes and holds a critical edition Course Computer (Cetex) in the seat of the University of the Holy Cross. About a hundred university professors and researchers followed the course so far. In 2011 also the Faculty of Canon Law Saint Pius X in Venice hosted the course of Professor Leal.

Gianluca Pignalberi, born in Cori (LT) in 1972, is a computer. After graduating in Computer Science was scholarship application at the CASPUR, adjunct professor at La Sapienza, technical collaborator journalist for Infomedia and Edizioni Master, programmer and pager TEX for Free Software Magazine. Now it places the merchant activities, contractual teacher and pager TEX. It is currently vice president of GuIT (TEX Users Group of Italian) and directs the ArsTEXnica magazine.